Yesterday, my life hit rock bottom. My account is overdrawn. Me and my kids live in one bedroom of my mothers house. Our bed is a pallet/cover/mattress on the floor. My mom’s house is directly behind the house my now ex and I were buying for 10 years but lost thru foreclosure after we separated……Mom’s health is on the rocks…..lash biz been on back burner for a few weeks…..now my other gig–housecleaning–not really able to do it cause no babysitter to watch kids… barely getting by like this…my monthly income was a little over $1000 but due to many recent factors has dwindled down to almost half that. My life has been in shambles for a while. My babe—the man Ive come to love over the past year and 8 months seems to be gone now from our convo yesterday….idk. Can’t really be mad at him cause he and I both have been dealing with rough situations for a while now. Not getting child support from my ex nor my little girl’s dad. I rarely cry but I shed a few yesterday.

But then I wiped my eyes.

Sometimes we can become so complacent dealing with different circumstances and situations in our lives……

I wiped my eyes.

Yesterday is in the past.
Today, I am actively changing my life. I’m cooking again….something I always used to love to do.
I am excited about what is transpiring.
I see light at my tunnels end.
I know I will be able to help my mom get her health in order.
Someday….I don’t know when, I will put her in a new house.
She says she’s not giving up yet.
I will put me and my kids in a new house. My children will have their own rooms and beds.
Looking forward to sharing more about my transformation soon.

~TO ANYONE ELSE GOING THROUGH TOUGH TIMES–No matter how bleak your life appears, there is a silver lining awaiting to be discovered. Wipe your eyes and look again. BE INSPIRED. CHANGE YOUR LIFE.~


ISR Nation is a self-help motivational for-profit organization of entrepreneurs who’s mission is to make money, get rich, bring others to financial freedom and transform lives in the process. Money daily deposited in account. 100 percent commission


9 thoughts on “About”

  1. Mary, it’s no accident that the cyber world has led you to my blog, and me to yours. I am in a similar situation of near-impossible circumstances. I am a 20-yr veteran of banking, a certified Teacher, and have many marketable skills. I have many unique experiences under my belt, including having started my student teaching in Egypt, and the subsequent evacuations due to the first uprisings there…it was close to terrifying.

    Yet, I have found myself unemployed for the summer. Part of that is because I would have needed to hire a sitter for my children, but to pay a sitter would cancel any earnings, so what’s the point? I’d applied for summer school, but by the time I applied, they’d already hired everyone they needed.

    I am doing a few freelance jobs here and there, but not near enough to pay all the bills. As I write this, I need to pay 130.00 to the electric company, or our power will be shut off. I only have 60.00, and my 14-yr old’s birthday is this coming Monday. My driver’s license has been revoked because my ex stopped paying for the insurance, and didn’t tell me. So, I get pulled over for a broken tail light, and my license was revoked. I have to pay 645.00, plus SR-22 insurance to be able to legally drive again.

    Yet, somehow, I am able to embrace all of this. I think to myself, “This is how so many people in the world live. This is what it’s like to not be able to drive, and to live on the brink of poverty”. It only gives us wisdom and character. It’s part of our journey, yet I know we will see better days ahead. Because that’s what we believe in.


    Kim Raya

    • Oh wow Kimberly! Our situations are so very close in nature……And my 3 year old daughter’s birthday is on Wednesday, June 26! And I’m right in the bought with you on the vehicle thing except I do have insurance, but my license is expired and has not been renewed because of a flag on license for when I let my insurance lapse and didn’t turn in my plate….

      So what are you presently doing to change your situation, if I may ask?

      • Well, Mary, I am waiting for payment for a ghostwriting gig I turned in last week and posting things on Ebay. I’m also planting the seed for tomorrow through my blog and other writing venues. What about you?

      • Excellent!
        I am being the change by actively sharing and blogging about my transformation progress and taking action with other measures as well. I’ve created a website that is designed to teach others how to transform for success and allows them to use the power of leverage to build sources of residual income while helping others change their lives; I am also presently building a team to assist me with growing my ISR Nation business.

  2. Nietzsche said “he who has a ‘why’ to live for can bear with almost any ‘how'”.

    Having a purpose will help you out of many undesirable situations. Stick to it, you have my warmest regards.

  3. Redo You Project said:

    What a great story and excellent advice to us all! Life can “kick you bottom” sometimes. Things can seem to be flat OVER! It isn’t easy to turn the corner and make a come back.

    But we all have to try to do just that!

    This is as much for me as anyone who reads this story here, or something on my site. Great advice here!

    Thank you for following the Redo site. Hopefully, you may find something of help among our topics…


    • Thank you Jeff…..I’m sure I will & love the Title “Redo You”……you can’t change other people but you can definitely change yourself.

      • Redo You Project said:

        That’s a very astute observation. Very few times can you change others unless they are influenced by your examples.

        More often, you have control over your attitude, thoughts, and actions. Living “down in the dumps” is a choice of that person. Just choose not to be that way and make the firm resolve to be happier.

        Thank you, and to all the Redo readers for the following and kind words. We hope you will be all the better for visiting here!


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